Well paid,
happy supply
teachers, not a
myth anymore.


Teacherise is a teacher-made mobile
app that connects British schools
and supply teachers directly, in a fair
and inexpensive way. Find out more.


The way
to a fair

What makes a
supply teacher’s day?

  • Being paid fairly, in line with the qualified teachers’ pay scales
  • Not being pressed to take on a job that’s unacceptable
  • Receiving information about the assignment
  • Knowing they could apply for a full-time job, without anyone asking the school for mind-changing, hefty introductory fees

What makes a
head teacher’s day?

  • Quickly and easily finding suitable teachers
  • Being able to pay them well, so they stay engaged
  • Hire whomever they want without paying finder fees

Teacherise is here to make a supply teacher’s and a head teacher’s day, every day. We connect them directly through our automated, unbiased app. This saves money and time, which translate into better pay for the teacher, more money left in school budgets, time and information to do a better job, and a better match between stakeholders. Moreover, teacher-school relationships can become permanent without us charging anything for it.

So, teachers, rise! (Indeed, this
is where our name comes from).
We’re here to make your day!

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as supply teacher or school, to get or post assignments directly

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fee / year
paid by schools
per day of assignment

While supply agencies retain large margins (sometimes up to 50%), we want to pay teachers at scale. We will only charge schools a £7 transaction fee to finance our service.


Once you’re a Teacherise
member, you’ll find our
app incredibly useful.

For teachers:

  • Get notified about assignments in your area
  • Only accept the assignment you want
  • Get info about the school, the class and the fastest way there
  • Let a smart algorithm find your perfectly matched assignment
  • Provide feedback about the school and the teaching experience
  • Switch to “holiday mode” whenever you want
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Teacher - All Assignments & Bookings School - All Bookings School - Add New Request
Teacher - All Assignments & Bookings: Consult the list of assignments and bookings.
School - All Bookings: Consult the list of your bookings.
School - Add New Request: Easily add the details of a new request.
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For schools:

  • Post your short-term or last minute jobs at any time, be it weekday or weekend
  • Get a teacher assigned as close to instantly as possible
  • Opt for a teacher you have previously worked with, if you so wish
  • Provide feedback about the teacher
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Karin Sora

Supply teacher and
Teacherise co-founder:

We are a ”by teachers, for teachers” recruitment service, with a strong social focus. Our service is a functional solution to a dysfunctional system, to the benefit of everyone involved (teachers, schools, and students).

Read Karin’s full story
Professor Jay Bal, University of Warwick

The development and success of new business models such as Uber and Airbnb has shown that the friction in service businesses can be radically reduced by connecting users and providers directly. I believe that Teacherise can do this for the important area of supply teaching provision. A better match leads to better rewards for all parties. More benefits for supply teachers, faster service for schools, and more appropriate teachers for the assignments.

— Professor Jay Bal, University of Warwick
Expert in Multi-sided Marketplaces

Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Crown Commercial Service Supplier
Teacherise operates from University of Warwick’s Software Incubator, set up to help innovative digital businesses via the university’s technology transfer subsidiary, Warwick Ventures. The latter has created more than 90 spin-out companies and raised in excess of £75m worth of venture capital for them, successfully transforming world-leading research into commercial products.
The technical platform powering Teacherise is also provided as a service for local education authorities and unions that want to independently manage their own supply teacher pool via the Government's Digital Marketplace (GCloud 9).


National Union of Teachers logo

”The average daily charge to schools by a supply agency for a teacher can be as much as £100 higher than the actual daily pay rate for that teacher. This goes into the agency’s coffers and out of the education sector.” — National Union of Teachers

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”Spending on supply teachers – who are called in to cover in the absence of a member of staff – has gone up by almost £300m over two years, with the average amount spent by academies and free schools rising by 42% in a single year.” — The Guardian