about the app

  • How do the in-app ratings work?
    In order for Teacherise to be able to match the schools and teachers, we ask both parties to give ratings to each other after an assignment. These ratings are only visible to Teacherise. We use them both to improve our algorithms and to identify potential problems with specific assignments. We believe that there are no good or bad teachers, only suitable or unsuitable ones for a given job.
  • What is the difference between
    Teacherise and a recruitment agency?
    Agencies are an unnecessary intermediary between schools and teachers. They do not add any value to education itself. Instead, they retain a large proportion of the money that would otherwise end up in the teachers’ pockets. Teacherise provides an efficient and inexpensive way to connect schools and teachers, automating the matchmaking process and keeping a flawless track of payments and schedules.
  • How do you match teachers and schools?
    Early in the morning, when head teachers find out there’s a need for a cover, they don’t have the time to scroll through lists of CVs. Therefore, our smart algorithm will automatically select a teacher based on their proximity to the school, the specifics of the assignment, and the likeliness of a good match between the teacher and the school (based on previous ratings). If a school wants to specifically re-book someone they had a great experience with, that is also possible, subject to the respective teacher’s availability.
  • Is the app already available?
    Yes! We are rolling out in different areas as soon as we have enough teachers and schools. Sign up today and encourage other teachers and schools to do the same!
  • How do I sign up?
    After you fill in the form on the website, we will get in touch to process the required documents (identification, references and DBS for teachers, contracts for schools, etc.) After all the paperwork is done, we will let you know when the service begins in your area. That’s it!

from teachers

  • How do I get paid?
    You will be paid every week for the assignments you completed in the previous week. We’re happy to be operating a system that doesn’t do timesheets. Unless there was a problem or complaint on one of your bookings, Teacherise will automatically transfer the money to you. This means less time wasted for both teachers and schools!
  • Do schools know if I decline an assignment?
    No, schools won’t know if you decline an assignment, so feel free to take the decision that best suits you. Unlike agencies, our algorithm will not remember you for doing so, but will suggest alternative assignments.
  • How much do schools pay me?
    We believe the only fair way to pay teachers is based on the national qualified teachers’ pay scales. Therefore, the schools will simply pay the same rate as they would if the teacher were their own employee. The only addition is Teacherise’s £7/day fee that allows us to run the service.

Questions from
head teachers

  • What happens if I decide to hire
    a teacher I met through Teacherise?
    That's fine, just go ahead! We don't charge finder's fees since we don't think those are fair neither for the schools, nor for the teachers.
  • What happens if I am not happy with the
    performance of a Teacherise-assigned teacher?
    As opposed to agencies, our system can process thousands of ratings every day and will identify problems faster. If there is a performance issue, Teacherise will know if that is limited to a certain year group or class. If that is the case, the teacher won't be matched to that type of assignment in the future. If the problem is more general, we will get in touch with them and sort it out.
  • What happens if I want a specific teacher for my class, but I have not previously worked with them via Teacherise?
    We strongly believe that our algorithm will find you a good match from the existing teacher pool. However, we are actively considering adding a functionality that will allow schools to upload their own lists of supply teachers, whom they can afterwards prioritise.
  • What is the shortest lead time for posting an assignment compared to the actual start of the assignment?
    As opposed to agencies, our systems can potentially come back to you with an answer within seconds. As soon as you post your assignment details, the assigned teacher will get a notification through the mobile app. If they accept, you'll know right away.
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